1. What languages do you translate and interpret?
We specialize in Spanish and Portuguese, but have access to other languages through our independent contractors.

2. How long does a translation take?
It depends on the length of the material to be translated.
1-3 pages = 24 hour turnaround.
4-8 pages = 48 hour turnaround
9 pages or more, please contact us for a more precise turnaround time.

3. How much does a translation cost?
We charge 12¢ a word into the target language.

4. How much does an interpretation cost? We do onsite as well as by phone interpretations and charge $40 per hour.

5. How do I get a quote?
You can e-mail your document to dastra@comcast.net or send it via fax to 260-432-8704. We will respond promptly with a quote.

6. How much do you charge for your Spanish, Portuguese and Cultural Awareness classes?
We charge $50 per hour for the instructor’s fee.

7. How can I contact Correct Translations?
You may call 260-432-8704 or 260-705-3010. You can also send us an e-mail at dastra@comcast.net